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2015 tables available!

24 Aug

Exhibitor registration for STAPLE! 2015 is now open! Go to to get your form!

Digital PaintingTutorial!

20 Feb

DIGITAL PAINTING TUTORIAL by J Hause. at 12pm on Saturday March 1.

See J’s bio on our GUEST PAGE,  and the full programming schedule HERE.

J will take you through the steps needed to create a digital masterpiece like this:



An introduction on how to get the best out of your linework, removing traditional linework from a white background, digital inking and line settings in photoshop.


How to lay out flats for a piece, with an emphasis on flare or speed. Layer management techniques.


The main section of the talk. An explanation of colour temperature, lighting and applying colours. Brush settings and tools explained.


Texture effects for metal and cloth, hair and skin, how to make your own brush, ambient lighting techniques and quick and easy backgrounds. Finishing touches and adjustment for print.


The tutorial will conclude with a brief questions and answers session and attendees will be provided with a print out cheat sheet and access to the working Photoshop file used in the demonstration, so they can take it apart at home and continue to learn. I also hope to be able to film one of these tutorials, so attendees can watch it again later.