2015 Guests

babsBabs Tarr is a rising new star in comics. Co-artist/designer of the awesome new Batgirl, Babs grew up in beautiful Charleston, SC. She has a BFA in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and is currently out west working as a full time freelance illustrator! Aside from Batgirl, you may have seen her gorgeous art at Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Disney, Boom! Comics, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe and many other places. Find more Babs at:



JessAuthorPicJess Fink is an illustrator and cartoonist living in New York, who’s comic work is equal parts “clean” and sexy.  Her web comic Chester 5000 is a Victorian tale of robot love and her graphic novel We Can Fix It is a science fiction autobiography, both works are published by Top Shelf Comics. She has done illustration work for Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors and other BOOM comics, Slate.com and various books. She most recently illustrated We Are Become Pals, about two best friends, written by Joey Comeau (author of A Softer World). Her autobiographic comic work is collected in her web comic, Kid With Experience, her full portfolio can be viewed at JessFink.com.

Various anthologies have featured her comic work, most notably, Smut Peddler 2013 & 2014. Her adult comic work has been featured in the Museum of Sex in Manhattan, NY. She likes science, can’t ride a bike, and her favorite candy is marzipan.


JanelleIn small towns and large cities across the United States, Janelle Asselin has carried her nerdity everywhere with her. Janelle has been a video gamer for at least 26 years, a comics fan for 20 years, and an editor of comic-type things for 7 years. She’s worked at comic shops, comics news sites, and comics publishers like Fangoria Comics, DC Comics, and Disney. She’s writing a book about selling comics to women, has contributed to places like Bitch and Comic Book Resources, and has a weekly column at ComicsAlliance called Hire This Woman featuring female creators on the rise. Janelle will be moderating the Hire This Woman panel at STAPLE!


leth2Kate Leth is an author and illustrator from the East coast of Canada. She is currently the series writer for Bravest Warriors with artist Ian McGinty, as well as having penned miniseries for both Fraggle Rock and Edward Scissorhands. She has written two Adventure Time graphic novels with artist Zachary Sterling, updates with biweekly strips about geek culture at ComicsAlliance, and occasionally works on her own webcomics Kate or Die and Little Ghost. She runs a group for women who work in comic shops called The Valkyries and designs embroidered badges for Lumberjanes and Welcome to Night Vale. Her taxes are very complicated. She has more tattoos than you and loves Gravity Falls.



brookeallenBrooke Allen is a Cartoonist / Illustrator spending most days in DC with her best pup Dog Linus drawing Lumberjanes and doing covers and shorts for glorious things like Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Bravest Warriors. http://brookeallen.tumblr.com




grace-ellisGrace Ellis is a writer most well-known for co-creating Lumberjanes and her work on the site Autostraddle. She is a proud native of wonderous Ohio and when she’s not coming up with amazing mix-tapes, she’s most likely enjoying nature and the great outdoors. http://ohheygrace.tumblr.com




shannonwattersShannon Watters is a senior editor at BOOM! Studios and co-creator of Lumberjanes. She has a great love for all things indie and comics, which is something she’s been passionate about since growing up in the wilds of Arizona. When she’s not working on comics she can be found practicing banjo and enjoying the local cuisine. Shannon will be doing portfolio review at STAPLE! http://shanito.tumblr.com 




deantrippebiopicDean Trippe is the creator of the superhero parody webcomic, Butterfly, co-founder and editor of the superhero redesign art site, Project: Rooftop, illustrator of Oni Press’s Power Lunch children’s books, and was a contributor to the Eisner and Harvey award-winning anthology, Comic Book Tattoo. His most recent work, a short, autobiographical comic dealing with childhood trauma and the power of fictional heroes to save very real lives, is called Something Terrible. http://deantrippe.com



HillbillypicThe Hillbilly Philosopher is an independently produced animated short, written and illustrated by Justin Buschardt and Jonathan Hubbell, animated by Tad Catalano, narrated by Danu Uribe, and made entirely in Austin, Texas. The pilot episode, completed in September of 2014, will be screened on Sunday at STAPLE! followed by a Q&A with the creators. Watch the official trailer and then come see the whole thing at STAPLE!


JustinJustin Buschardt: Co-Creator of Hillbilly Philosopher. Birthed through “unknown” means via the tire of a double-wide trailer, his uncle blankly watched as he chewed his way through the hot, semi-malleable rubber until Justin’s beautiful tarred face emerged victoriously into the scorching desert life.


jonJonathan Hubbell: Co-Creator of Hillbilly Philosopher. Found in a swamp during the Reagan years by Ronald Reagan on a routine presidential swamp stay and getaway, Jonathan was fished out of the murky depths with a .22 caliber rifle and petrified-wood cane.



tadTad Catalano: Blind Animator of Hillbilly Philosopher “On those cold, moonless nights, you will hear his sorrowful wailings before you notice the mystical melodies he creates with his flutes,”



Photographer: Alexis Buatti-RamosDanu Uribe is an Emmy-nominated, on-camera and voice-over talent with fifteen years of stage, screen and studio experience in radio, video games, television, film, theater, animation, and eLearning projects. She takes pride in having created more than a hundred unique characters for educational software curricula used by students all over the United States in addition to performing around the world (from CONAN to Broadway) in The Intergalactic Nemesis Trilogy. In her spare time, she performs improvisational and sketch comedy at The New Movement Theater in Austin, Texas. Discover Danu at www.DanuUribe.com.