2-in-1 Panel with Brandon Dayton

Saturday, 12-1 PM In the Theater

Join artist and youtuber Brandon Dayton for an insightful & instructive talk!

In a world driven by commerce and consumption it’s no surprise that the discipline of art takes on the properties of any other market enterprise. We value our efforts by how well we meet deadlines, our rate of productivity and the dollar value of the end product. While we can’t ignore paying the bills, it’s vital that we make space for art, not as a thing to make and sell, but to do and experience. What can we draw on from traditional spiritual traditions, existential philosophy and modern science to teach us about approaching art as a deeply satisfying experience that we can savor individually and revere collectively?

Learning to draw can be overwhelming. How do you choose from the infinite encyclopedia of options? Do you start with people, faces, buildings, perspective, shading? In this presentation Brandon Dayton offers a few common sense starting points that can create the foundation for a lifelong study of art. Session includes a demonstration of drawing techniques. Attendees can bring paper and pencil (or pen) to participate.