2024 Schedule

OFF SITE: Friday, April 12, 8:00 PM Pre-Party Meet and Greet at Austin Books & Comics, 5002 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin TX 78751

SHOW Hours: Saturday, April 13, 11 AM – 6 PM; Sunday April 14, 12 PM – 6 PM.


  • 12-1 PM: Comics, Zines, and Graphic Novels at St. Edward’s University
    Comics, zines, and graphic novels aren’t just funny books, they are multimodal artistic compositions that express self and can reflect and critique contemporary culture. They demand scholarly attention. Join a panel of St. Edward’s faculty from a wide variety of disciplines who are teaching college students to analyze, examine the influence of, and create their own comics. You’ll hear about their challenges and successes in the classroom and learn how comics are thriving at the university level. With Matt Rebholz, Timothy Braun, Travis Williams & Daniel Lievens.
  • .1:30-2:30 PM: Webcomics Roundtable
    Well known Webcomics creators Litterbox Comics, Starfishface, & Mattie Lubchansky discuss the world of webcomics in today’s digital landscape. Moderated by Kevin Garcia.
  • 3-4 PM: Q&A with Ron Rege’ Jr.
    Moderated by Dale Wallain.
  • 4:30-5:30 PM: Indie TTRPG Design & Publication
    Several independent role-playing game creators discuss their craft. What goes into creating a great game? What resources are available to newer creators? What constitutes a critical success? With John Baltisberger, Jacob Hurst, and Marc Majcher. Moderated by Nate Southard. 

OFF SITE: Live Art Show KOOP Radio Benefit! Saturday, 9 PM-12 AM at Far Out Lounge. 8504 S Congress Ave – Artists from STAPLE! make art LIVE! Donate to KOOP and take some home!


  • 1-2 PM: Webcomics 101
    Making a webcomic is a fantastic way to get your story out into the world- but where do you start? Join webcomics veteran TheStarfishface as she runs you through the basics of starting your very own webcomic!
  • 2:30-3:30 PM: “Don’t Panic” – Surviving Layoffs and Managing Your Career as a Digital Creative.
    The last two years have seen profound changes to the digital and entertainment economies worldwide, resulting in restructurings, consolidations, and tens of thousands of lost jobs. In this 60-minute discussion, a panel of veteran digital creators — all of whom have been laid off at some point — discuss how best to prepare for and recognize hidden opportunities in downturns in the video game and other creative industries. With Evan Narcisse, Jennifer Bullard, Alan Uthoff, and Paul Benjamin. Moderated by Robert Denton Bryant. See Their Bios Here.
  • 4-5 PM: Working with a Team in Animation.
    In the years since its founding in 2001, POWERHOUSE ANIMATION STUDIOS here in Austin has worked on animated projects ranging from seconds’-long ad-works to full multi-season animated series!  Big or small, every production is a job which calls for a team of creators to work together. This panel by four of our production team is for anyone interested in learning about how these collaborations operate!  We’ll touch on our animation project-pipeline, what it’s like working with fellow artists both in-studio and freelance, how the work is divided out & brought back together, and what we look for when we’re searching for artists or portfolio-reviewing.  Q&A afterward will be welcomed if time allows! With Chris Beaver, Veronica Brodsky, Pedro Cardoso, and Mark-Ryan Magallanez. See Their Bios Here.